Teresa Richards

Bestselling YA Author

My new novella, You, Me, and Comic Con, is out! You can get it as part of a collection of four YA romance stories in a book called Under a New York Skyline, or as a standalone!

Here's a quick blurb about You, Me, and Comic Con:

When Avery's super-cool, super-tough skater boy boyfriend breaks up with her and heads to NYC for the day, she decides to follow him and win him back with her moves on the ramps. But when he goes to Comic Con instead of the skate park, everything she knows about him is called into question. Is he actually a closet nerd gone to let his Comic Con flag fly?

Avery has always been too hardcore for anything but skateboard competitions,

but to find out the truth, she might have to bend her own rules.

With the help of an unlikely group of new friends recruited from the Comic Con line, Avery sets out to discover the truth, and learns some truths about herself along the way.

Get ready for some New York  Comic Con fun!

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